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Regranulate LDPE

Regranulate LDPE (low-density polyethylene)

Low density polyethylene is the most common recycled polymer packaging material. LDPE keeps its physical-chemical properties in a temperature range of -60°C to +80°C. LDPE materials therefore can be operated in a wide variety of climatic environments.

Such feedstock as industrial and domestic waste of LDPE film polluted up to 40% with or without flexographic printing is used for manufacturing recycled LDPE. These wastes except the film include shrink and stretch film waste. Stretch film waste products are about 5-20% of all waste used in recycled LDPE manufacturing.


Regranulate LDPE material can be used for any purpose however it is popular for following packages:

bin bags

carrier bags

promotional bags

bread bags

compostable bags

peat bags

soil packaging

packaging for pellets

packaging for construction industry



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